Silicone Avocado Hand Pipe

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Even when you're on the go, whether it'd be on toast or bagels, avocadoes are an essential part of a good breakfast. This handy pipe brings portability to a whole new level with its silicone exterior that can take a beating, to its attached lid that keeps your lovely herbs intact in case you have to take a quick break.


But wait it's silicone! Isn't silicone basically plastic? Is it safe to smoke?

Not to worry! The silicone we use is non-toxic, food-grade, and highly heat resistant. The bowl where you will be putting your herbs is made from borosilicate glass that is made for smoking. This way, the silicone does not face the direct heat.

A 4" Silicone Hand Pipe with an attached cap for the bowl and WENEED logo.

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